True Portfolio is an honor system for Real Estate Staging Professionals, Interior Decorators, Designers, and Redesigners, who are proud to display only original work performed by their company, in their online portfolio, website, blogs, and print marketing materials.

The True Portfolio concept arose after a number of professionals were victims of theft, when their original photos were “plagiarized” by others online, who then passed it off as their own work. In addition, some Home Stagers were representing STOCK photos as their own work. Stock photos are photos taken by professional photographers and are available online.

Those pledging to use the True Portfolio logo agree not to use stock photography in the depiction of spaces, rooms or projects they have completed. ON CUE Home Staging is an active member of RESA PRO, who endorses this program and certifies the holder is using original photos. They award use of the logo accordingly.

We are indeed proud of our work and certify that we do not use stock photos in our portfolio or any marketing collateral and that all photos are original to our work.

The founder of True Portfolio is Julianna Hind.

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