Home Staging & Redesign Services


Need more time to develop new business? Want to have a reputation for selling homes that present well? We partner directly with you and provide services for all your listings - occupied or vacant. Make home staging part of your listing package and improve your industry status by always listing move-in ready homes. Contact ON CUE to find out about our Discounted Realtor Partnerships.

Home Owners

Need professional help staging or redesigning your home? Maximize your biggest investment and make your house a Star! ON CUE customizes services to fit any budget, whether you are selling or redesigning your home.

Services and Products

Two-Hour Consultation for Staging or Redesign: We walk-through your home, discuss first impressions and make recommendations for each room using our 8-step process. You’ll receive a plan or a proposal to use as a guide, whether we perform services for you, or you want to “Do-it-Yourself.”

Half Day of Home Staging: After the initial consultation, we’ll return as agreed, and transform the main rooms of your home using a few purchased accessories, as needed, to create appealing and inviting spaces in each room.

One to Two Full Days of Home Staging: For homes needing more attention, we make dramatic transformations to your home. Where painting, minor repairs, updates and landscaping are needed, ON CUE provides project management for you. We recommend preferred vendors in the skilled trades and other experts to help prepare your home for staging. We construct a timeline, track your budget, make purchases, pass along trade discounts and find clear out and storage for you, if needed. We are the time you don’t have.

New Home Redesign: After an initial consultation, ON CUE will create a plan and decorate fabulous comfortable spaces in your new home that are personal to you. We recommend paint colors, window treatments, lighting and more, through our established network of interior design partners.

Vacant Home Staging: We bring in just enough furniture and accessories to create warmth and give buyers a sense of scale and purpose. ON CUE manages a 4-step turn-key process: initial on-site consultation, design planning and selection of furnishings, staging/installation and de-staging/teardown.

A variety of research, personal shopping and fine-tuning services are available at hourly rates.