Update on the Real Estate Market and Home Staging

How does the current housing market look?

What about home staging?

Even with the market on an upswing, it’s still critical for you to do whatever is necessary to make sure a prospective buyer can walk into your home and visualize living there. Remember, many homes are staged, and keeping hour home as is will help to sell the competition.Most buyers cannot visualize their possessions in your home unless you assign a clear purpose to each room, including leaving some empty spaces in the right places. Buyers view professionally staged homes as being well maintained. Educate yourself – check out the competition in the same development or area. Go to some open houses and see what is out there. Seeing homes that are pristine and very attractive will make it clear what you need to do. It’s critical that your home be showcased to all its best advantages.

How quickly does a prospective buyer connect with a home?

When buyers walk up to a house in poor shape, even just poor landscaping, there’s a sense that the seller doesn’t care about it. It’s a negative experience and it happens just that quickly. They will continue to look for more negatives as they walk through the house. Those same buyers may also think they can lower their offer or may lose interest completely and just move on to the next well-manicured home.

What is the profile of the typical buyer?

How does a consultation with ON CUE Home Staging work?

First we’ll discuss your expectations, goals, concepts of home staging and what buyers want, in general. During the walk through, we’ll take lots of notes and discuss the biggest issues. Within 24 hours, you’ll receive a written plan to help you decide where to use your budget dollars. You decide what your budget is, taking into consideration where your home fits among the 3 phases of staging:

Relax…we can manage the entire home staging project for you.