Professional Real Estate Staging by ON CUE

Homeowners – Thinking about selling your home?

Buyers love staged homes.

Not staging gives other staged homes the competitive edge. Proven data show that staged homes sell at least 78% faster and for 6-10% more money than unstaged homes.

Home Owners love home staging by ON CUE.

We feel your pain and will take the lead, give you the time, personal attention, and tons of professional interior decorating expertise and advice to prepare your house for the market.

The benefits?

ON CUE Home Staging solutions create an environment that will:

Home Staging is not just about interior decorating. It’s about YOU.

It means feeling the pain and anxiety of meeting these and other deadlines while you try to carry on with your family and career through this transition in your life. ON CUE can plan and project manage everything for you and establish a timeline so you don’t have to think about it.

It’s about trying to not get ripped off. We have business relationships with respected trades people and other experts who will work with you for minor updates.

It’s about having too much stuff and not having a clue as to what to do with it. We’ll help you decide what stays, what gets packed away or what gets recycled.

It’s also about establishing a budget and sticking to it. We have a formula to calculate what that should be and can help you manage that budget.

It’s about you not knowing how to get your home “Show Ready”— not a clue – too busy! So…finally, it IS about home decorating. Let the experts at ON CUE, who have moved houses quickly, put their experienced interior decorating talents and tricks-of the-trade creativity to work for YOU!!